Thank you for your emails, phone calls, messages and most of all – your patience.

Just to let you know that we are still working on our new premises and hope to be able to give you good news soon.

In the meantime, we have opened ‘Baby Spa by Laura Sevenus’ franchises in Madrid, Spain, in Perth, Australia, in Brackenhurst, South Africa, and are currently working on more. We will tell you where when closer to openings.

Since we created the Baby Spa Concept in 2005, we have been flattered by the fact that many similar versions are popping up all over. It is wonderful to know that more babies and their parents can enjoy and benefit from this experience. However, when it comes to your child, I am sure you will agree that you cannot be too discerning.

The environmental conditions and quality of water used in any baby spa must be of the highest standard. These conditions can only be achieved with jet free equipment that is specially designed for babies taking account of their unique and delicate nervous and sensory systems.

Most importantly, all personnel working with babies should be medically trained and have an extensive knowledge of child development.

Babies learn and grow through experience. This should always be the very best that we can provide.
You never get a second chance.

– Laura Sevenus & The Baby Spa Team