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Your Baby Spa – Coming soon to Brook Green in West London

Your Baby Spa has been described as a nurturing haven where new born babies can adjust to our world, at their own pace. Parents closely observe their babies exploring new-found space as they discover that although no longer within the secure and perfectly regulated confines of their mother’s womb, they can still move, turn and stretch of their own volition. The gentle resistance of the water’s pressure provides the comfort that they formally experienced. 

Being content in a familiar water environment, validates a sense of safety where your new born can more effectively assimilate constant change in surroundings. Feeling in control and accountable, contributes to spontaneous and natural growth development both physical and cognitive. Every experience your baby encounters is the basis of learning. 

The first few weeks and months you spend with your baby are exciting. Every moment of the day is filled with new sensory awareness and delight. At Your Baby Spa, you can relax in an environment where you have opportunity to connect and cultivate mutual understanding through close communication and interaction. Here, your baby can be calmed, grow in trust and build on critical skills and abilities. 

Based on a lifetime of working with children, Laura Sevenus conceptualised the ‘original’ Baby Spa in 2005. Her technique, has been referred to by paediatricians’ as ‘ground breaking’. She fosters respect and care for all babies while providing neonatal hydrotherapy from birth in individualised neonatal pods before their first immunisation.

Our therapists support you, as a parent in administering baby massage technique and appropriate stimulation tailored to suite each unique sensory personality and differentiation in relaxed surroundings, where your baby can develop harmoniously. 

There are numerous benefits for babies. The primary benefit to our babies is the positive progress through our system from the neonatal pods to the larger pools. It is undeniable that they attain their fundamental ability to swim effortlessly and free of anxiety. Swimming is a life skill and attaining this rite in a gentle and considerate manner permanently provides lifelong confidence in the enjoyment of water based exercise and adventures.

We feel truly privileged to be of service to you by being involved in your baby’s early education. We aim to help initiate a balanced lifestyle for a long, healthy and wholesome future.

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